Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting/Being Staff

Sure! You're always welcome to apply here if you feel that you'd be able to handle staff duties. We judge applicants in terms of maturity, activity, and an appropriately friendly and unique demeanor. Click here to go to the application section of our forums.
As a general rule, no one gets staff on their first few days of playing on the server. Potential staff members should show their commitment to playing here, and have had a chance to understand the environment of Sonora.
There are Owners, Administrators, Moderators, and Support Technicians. Owners handle the business end of the server and its files, as well as making decisions for the future of the server. Administrators oversee building quality and rank progress of other server members as well as dealing with major disciplinary decisions. Moderators maintain the peace of the server by maintaining the quality of chat and preventing/quelling significant disturbances. Support Technicians, (or simply, Support) aim to address questions and concerns of players.
If you are selected to be staff you may be notified in-game or by Skype message. Applicants are selected as necessary from the pool of applications recieved.

Server Facts

Server start date: January 21st, 2013
Country of Origin: United States
Survival World Border: 25,000 blocks
Game Difficulty: Normal
Creeper Block Damage: Off